The best of “The Dictator” seems to be fuerteventura.

“The Dictator” – the best part of it is Fuerteventura.”

As I had some time ago written, Fuerteventura was a great movie set. Actually I wanted to take a closer look in cinema and was thinking about bying a ticket for  “The Dictator”. But the critics confused me.

The fact alone that some of the exterior shots were filmed in Fuerteventura is, unfortunately, just not a compelling reason to release an expensive movie ticket. And since I am afraid that “The Dictator” is not in any way like “Four Lions”, I’ll probably leave. Better to save the money for my next flight ticket to Fuerteventura. Now I must get my informations in other ways, about which scenes were filmed exactly in which places on Fuerteventura. If you already have some information, it would be perfect if you can share it with me.

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