Canarian holiday – cheap or exclusive and which island please?

The beaches of Fuerteventura or the loneliness of El Hierro?

What do you thing – and more important –  and what do you feel? Each Canary Island has something very special for you. This is a first and little attempt to describe it. Not every island has something for everyone. Here you may find the total peace and quiet and there clearly more sociability and “hustle and bustle”. Although there is certainly something  of everything on each island, they still have their individual character.

We now try to give you very briefly a little orientation.

What could be for you, your friends or your family may be the perfect Canary Island? What island is the best island for your walking shoes ad which is the pefect island for swimwear? Let’s start.

Your favorite color is black perhaps? Do you like dark hills and black volcanic rocks? Are you interested in the ancient wine culture of a volcanic island? Do you like art, design and the natural beauty of wild seascapes and do you prefer walking through the island rather than just go for swimming? If you’ve now said several times “Yes” than you will love the clean, small white villages with green palm trees and cactus on a deep black ash ground – yes Lanzarote really could be your island.

Do you prefer it very quiet and you absolutely love it to relax for hours at the ocean – with long walks, wind- ore kitesurfing and nothing else than “perfect beach life”. Than you are already on another canaring island type. If you can look at the sea for hours and if you can even enjoy a different shade of blue the waves have, then you are the perfect type for Fuerteventura. “La isla tranquilla” the tranquil island of the Canarien Islands, with its miles of sandy beaches in the north and south.

Similar and also very different points will then decide whether you will stay in love with Gran Canaria or Tenerife.  Clearly more action and life, of course you can find in Gran Canaria, simply because of the long-tourism Tradtition. Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés give witness to this. A comprehensive network of tourist pleasures and services tis available – for all budgets.

You love mountains and sea? Green and blue? Al lot of sun but also culture, tradition, and something more of the new and modern canarian lifestyle? The largest Canary Island offers you enough of them, including Spain’s highest peak – Mount Teide. Very good food, a charming capital, pretty and original villages and the untouched natural scenery – all oft it and surely more you will find in Tenerife.

Your want nothing else than “me, myself and I”.

Far away from the Central European modern and fast life you are only looking for some days in “peace, love and happiness”? It doesnt´t matter if you see any fantastic, long and wide sandy beaches, more important for you is a fascinating vegetation and natural landscape? Ok – go ahead. “Freedom for beginners” – we recommend the “basic course” on La Palma. On the “isla bonita” you can find your peace and maybe Madonnn and enough of these stuff called “lonely times and lonely places”. You also like to walk around and discover the countryside on foot rather than in the car, then you will enjoy it more and more.

You need it quiet “stronger”. Even lonelier. You want to stay far away from far away? Then you should really thing about “exit programm for professionals” on La Gomera.  The second smallest island of the Canary Islands offers pure nature but beach lovers will find here, in all honesty, no fulfillment. Instead, lots of cliffs that lead to small beaches with heavy surfs down. The “final happiness meditation course” far away from the europe lifestyle and consumer society you will find in El Hierro. But really only if you you are prepared for so much solitude, peace and if your are able to handle so much freedom. The smallest Canary Island offers you a fascinating nature, pretty pathes and roads through picturesque landscapes or fantastic landscapes you can discover by mountain bike. Beaches are also rare here, but for divers and snorkelers it sperfect.

For all of those who only wants only to relax, we refer again to our island. Fuerteventura is ideal for sure, when it comes to you both – to discover the peace and solitude of the Canary volcanic landscapes, but without compromising on the sea, sports, beach, comfort and lots of good restaurants.

Canarisol-Urlaub auf den Kanaren