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Advertising to fall in love only for true lovers of the Canararies

Dear Fuerteventura fan, dear Canaries fan,

You love the Canaries like me? You live and work here in the field of individual tourism? You have a holiday apartment or a house, a restaurant, a store or a rental agency? Or you want just that finally someone writes something nice about you?

Then  you might be interested. in the offer of 


With I want to promote people, who live and work on the Canary Islands as well as companies, that offer their products and services – only on a very individual way. offer youthe  possibility of  individual advertising, slightly different from conventional adds, and more like creative story telling. Because lives very much on the personal touch. It’s about bringing people together and especially to present offers that suits perfect tot the increasing individual tourism and the increasing search of travellers for own adventures.

In the center of you will find therefore always the individual and very personal experience and I believe, it should be the same with your advertising. This means – I would like to present you or your company in a very personally way.  This of course assumes that you are able to inspire me.

Let´s talk clear. For your advertising on there are 2 ways.

First: A link to your site with contact details and a very short but personal information.

Secondly: A detailed and very individual story with many photos, all contact data and detailed information.

All for an individual annual fee we will determine together – let´s talk and find out how your options are? For where there is a will, there’s a way to my side.

In addition, is open, any time, for more interesting opportunities and cooperations – both online and offline. Your ideas are very welcome.

Is there a catch? Click also on the small picture directly above this line.

Maybe yes? Because the advertising for you must be compatible to the world of, a webside that is from the heart in good mood! That means is supported and fascinated by a positive mood and positive emotions – as long as we do not have to talk about the local policy that would slow down the individual tourism on the Canary Islands. In this case, our clear position is shown: “Pro-individual tourism” of course. will primarily have fun and make fun. About the fun factor people should get in a good mood, share our world and maybe also our business. For everything else, there there are enough media for it. 

Does anybody knwow the page ? Where is your benefit?

“Come in and find out.” The good news: As long as you are one of the first on my webside, you will benefit from a special attention.

Otherwise: is since several years at the start. First, only a hobby of mine, but then already with first advertising for vacation rentals. The site will be constantly developed and optimized. It is run by a professional web agency in Germany and it is already very well listed on many search terms in search engines.

The daily feedback and many requests are a perfect sign – that we have (with the content orientation of the page) the finger of the pulse. Many requests relate to very individual tour options, own and individual events, guided tours, private walks and event tips but also recommendations on restaurants, bars, shops and special Canary products and much more. That´s why we beliebe – is the perfect place for your business.

You got curious? You would like to knwow more about me and my page.

Then please, join me and write to me at:

Where is the beef?  

We believe is an interesting additional advertising platform. For all people who have a direct or distant connection to individual tourism on Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands in any way. But it could be also interesting for all locals who offer local services. offers you definitely the big chance to get attention for your work, products and services, on a very individual and emotional way. For your company, your apartment, your art, your social commitment, your ideas and opinions. Let´s talk about it.

And who am I?
IMG_2966My name is Sven Stephan. I travel for years between Germany and Fuerteventura back and forth, have now seen all the Canary Islands and I am active in advertising and marketing communications for over 20 years. I love this job although I startet as a journalist and studied business administration and didn´t think about a business career in advertising.

I worked as a Copywriter and Creative Director in various international agencies, very creative and also on sales-oriented marketing communication, was a owner of an mid-sice agency  and enjoyed work and life  as a Freelancer the- so I do currently again!

You can find my business homepage on and you will find me on XING, LinkedIn and on facebook under my spanish name “El Sveno.”

And now it’s up to you to introduce yourself and make me curious. What can we tell the world about ? Get in touch.


Sven Stephan

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