The monument of the “Unknown individual tourists”


At the monument of the “Unknown individual tourists I found a letter. Under a small stone at the fine, white and sandy beach, just a few meters away from the sea, where they built a new gigantic hotel for mass tourism at the same time while the Decree 113/2015 to intent to bury the individual tourism.

The document that I found there, impressed and touched me so much, that I decided to publish the content at this point. At the same time, I have provided a virtual condolence book for anyone who wants to express the unknown individual touristshis condolences. hope that this also reach the political leaders of the Canary Islands to change there one-sided tourism policy.

The letter I found at them monument of the “Unknown individual tourists” includes following that I tried to translate en english:

“Dear Mr. Fernando Clavijo, President of the Gobierno Canaria, dear politicians of Gobierno Canaria and throughout the Canary Islands.

I ask you: Why don´t you want travelers like me, as private tourists, to stay on your island? Why do you banish us? Why do we – the Individual tourists – disturb you so much and what are you afraid of?

Why do you not want us to leave our money on the islands and spent it locally: in the restaurants, bars, supermarkets, at the car rental companies and at many more places? Why yo you punish our hosts – who are so lovely and so welcoming and who represent the tradition and culture of the Canary Islands in such a wonderful authentic way?

Why do you want us – the individual travelers – to leave the Canary Islands and to go for other destinations and why you do not guarantee that the Canary Islands fulfill the popular demand of private vacation rentals?

Why are you not able to create more freedom for individual tourism, but restrict this one? Why do you create with your laws an atmosphere of fear, anger and despair among your citizens, who feel sold and betrayed? Why do you decide who can benefit from the wealth of the islands and who not? And why are the profiteers usually those who ruin the islands nature and not the ones that love the islands most and who represent it really authentic – your citizens, your families, your friends, all the lovable canarian people?

Let us stay private travelers and individual tourists  – from all around the world – who are looking for  private accommodation on the Canary Islands. Close to the local people.

Do not allow that a negative image of the Canary Islands is carried into the world – of a tourism policy that only serves the mass tourism. Don´t criminalize us and discriminate private travelers and their hosts on the Canary Islands. Provide for a cosmopolitan and hosts friendly ambience in the Canary Islands and don´t create a mood of fear, secrets, denunciation and frustration.

Leave the colorful variety of holidaymakers be alive and ensure the diversity of holiday accommodations.

Abolish the laws that punish private holiday rentals and put it under high penalty. Let us care for vacationers from all over the world who search the direct contact with local people and appreciate the individual tourism as a valuable contribution to international understanding,  as a valuable contribution to the regional economy and the financial situation of many local families.
Make sure that we are traveling “in freedom and self-determination“ around the islands and that we stay where we want to  stay – with the citizens. Exactly there where we and they want it and not the politicians and bureaucrats.”

As a passionate „advocate“ of the interests of individual tourism understand the author of this letter and ask also to eliminate the restrictive legislation that prohibits private rented accommodation to tourists. Therfore I ask you to write something in the virtuell condolence book.

I urge our right to freedom  of travel and freedom of movement overnight where we want.
I urge:
-to be allowed to stay there in the Canaries where I want and not where politicians, authorities and tourism companies want it.
– to be able to accept the warm and genuine hospitality of people who offer me an accommodation for money hat I pay gladly.
– the freedom to decide which property meets my quality requirements and which amount I’m willing to pay for it.
– to discover the Canary Islands in a way I would like – in a private neighborhood, close to local people in an authentic environment and gladly among the population.
– to be able to support with my holiday pay locally people, because my private spending will help and support local families and the local economy who benefit directly.

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