The former fishing village of Morro Jable is changing to positive.

Morro Jable is always presentable an worth a visit.

Morro Jable is as beautiful as never before – except for the fact that it was probably the paradise before the time of  growing tourism.

But – we are living in modern times, in 2013, and the beaches in the south of Fuerteventura are already more than 40 years no longer a secret. The infrastructure has changed a lot. And where people has built the last 30 years especially fast, cheap and ugly we can notice now a little change. Maybe it´s a first sign for an offensive in quality tourism and for a higher quality of life for local people.

Anyway –  it’s finally happened. No cars but a large pedestrians zone! Perfect for a relaxed walk through the village. Already a couple of tables are outside and you can enjoy a coffee in the open air.

What’s missing – some more tourists who leave the hotels and are willing to spent some money outside. I’m curious to see how it goes on here.

Canarisol-Urlaub auf den Kanaren