El Hierro

Welcome to El Hierro – far away from the mass tourism

On the high plateau large fields and grasslands, here the vineyards and orchards, there the pine forests and wild rock formations that rise from the Atlantic. Lush greenery and real flowers in the north. Black lava deserts in the south.

The originality and at the same romantic appeal from El Hiero is omnipresent everywhere Hikers and individual holidaymakers will enjoy the beautiful pine forests, as well as the absence of big tourist centers. Only about 2.000 tourists at the same time can find a hotel in El Hierro. The peace and tranquility guaranteed in a unique natural paradise.

The island is geologically the youngest, the smallest and most westerly of the Canary Islands. Typical of their volcanic origin you’ll find a fascinating and diverse landscape in which the local cultivate their gardens, pineapple, bananas, avocados or mangoes – where they keep goats, sheep and cows while the got out on the Atlantic for fishing.

Divers appreciate the sea, however, especially the “Mar de las Calmas” on the southwest coast of the island, as one of the best diving sites in Europe. Beaches? The can´t really be found on El Hierro. Enjoy your activity holiday, maybe in the “smallest hotel in the world” where you can stay in a cozy country house.

Very soon you will also see here our suggestions for your particular individual experience of El Hierro. Ore write us an e-mail what you are looking for and benefit from our good local contacts.

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