• For your times on the canary islands

    For your times on the canary islands

    Windsurfing. Kite surfing. Paragliding. Bike racing. Jogging. Mountainbiking. Good food. Stylish and relaxing more. You also discover the “new” Canaries, which are far away from mass tourism vile more beautiful, athletic, creative and modern. “Bienvenido” on the Canary Islands. You will soon notice. canariasol is entirely ...mehr
  • You and me and we.

    My  Canary Islands – absolutely authentic and personal. Who I am. Who are we? Short to me. My name is Sven Stephan, I am a freelance copywriter and for over 10 years a passionate supporter of the Canary Islands, which I visit as often as possible. Most of the time I spend on my personal […] ...mehr
Canarisol-Urlaub auf den Kanaren