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Now it gets personal for a moment.

My name is Sven Stephan, I am a freelance copywriter and for many years a passionate fan of the Canary Islands, which I visit as often as possible. I spend most of my time on my personal favorite island of Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura has now become my second home. Here I was married to a local and my son is currently going to school here. I myself therefore spend a lot of time on the island, but I still have my roots in Germany.

In my original job as an advertiser I have only worked sporadically for the last years. Instead, I focused on brokering vacation rentals and fincas from owners that I met personally. A few years ago I was also able to buy my own house at a reasonable price. At that time it was still a ruin. Today it is a very nice country house that I rent to individual travelers.

It would be nice if I could do more to support individual tourism on the islands. Because I am convinced tha this kind of tourism gist really better for the islands and the locals.

I am also increasingly interested in sustainable tourism, nature and environmental protection, healthy nutrition and everything that keeps body and mind in harmony. However, I do all of this without any ideology and rather relaxed.

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Wherever my travels take me to –  my advice: trust your own nose – and maybe even a little the recommendations you can found here (more soon). On my blog you can always find new accommodations, which I have personally seen. Whether it’s the luxury holiday home, the Finca on the beach, a small city apartment or the simple, clean apartment in the village – the main thing is the accommodation has the certain something.

Regardless of that, I also afford the luxury of staying in stylish hotels. Whenever my soul demands it and the wallet makes it possible. Because regardless of my increasing interest in a “more sustainable way of life”, I confess that I also like luxury accommodations with individual design and wellness worlds. I am also firmly convinced that the two worlds could complement each other in a meaningful way.

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