For your times on the canary islands

Windsurfing. Kite surfing. Paragliding. Bike racing. Jogging. Mountainbiking. Good food. Stylish and relaxing more. You also discover the “new” Canaries, which are far away from mass tourism vile more beautiful, athletic, creative and modern.

“Bienvenido” on the Canary Islands.

You will soon notice. canariasol is entirely subjective and totally biased. The “own continent in the Atlantic Ocean” has me “captivated”. With its nature, the happy people, the amazing light and the Atlantic close to the coast of Africa, even with the excellent food, the lively hospitality and the many ways to be active or just relax.

In just four hours you are there. And maybe it will happen the same to you –  that you don´t want to leave ore come back again and again. My tip – organize your travel privately anyway. And – if you like – you can from my personal contacts with brokers, owners or managers of villas, houses and apartments. Whether small or large budget – there’s always a good alternative to the boring “all inclusive events” and some of them I have already described in detail for youin Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. More will follow in future guaranteed.

And now I wish you a safe journey and look forward to your contact at any time.

Sven Stephan

PS. You have a lovely holiday property in the Canary Islands and want me to look at? Sign up with me. Even if you think that I should write something about yourself, your advice, your company or your project in the Canary Islands.

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