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Gran Tarajal – these wall paintings make the place even more attractive.

Gran Tarajal – wall paintings discovered by a walk.

Great idea! The result of an art competition from the year 2012 named “Gran Tarajal y el mar” can now be seen at 26 house walls. 61 projects were submitted and finally selected 26 of these from a jury of politicians and several artists and graphic designers.

With this action, the community hopes to have made great PR for Gran Tarajal as a creative, colorful and vibrant small town on Fuerteventura. Probably succeeded – because of course this post is some free PR. Anyway I love theses the seasidee town since my frist visit. It ist super authentic and the locals clearly dominate the city and street life. In addition, there are good grocery stores, all kinds of shops and who needs it – a good German and Argentine butcher and always fresh fish at the harbor are available too.
Therefore – you´ll wind everything here for youre perfect barbecue parties at a the nearby holiday house pool under the sunshine ore m0onlight of fuerteventura.

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