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By ferry from Fuerteventura to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

By ferry from “Morro Jable de Fuerteventura” to “Las Palmas de Gran Canaria”.

We decided once again to take the big car ferry and not the small and faster one. At the port of Morro Jable both ships are already waiting. But the fast ferry wil leave one  hour later.

We park the car in the bowels and see only a few other cars.  We wil have a a very quiet passage –  like a private trip.

My recommendation: If you are not really in hurry, you should decide for the great ship. It goes maybe – depending on the load and weather – about 45 minutes longer and operates not as often between Morro Jable in Fuerteventura and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but the ride is much more relaxed on it.

As a fresh air fanatic I am also very happy about the outdoor decks with  the opportunity to walk outside on the ship a little bit.

Depending on the season and number of visitors there are two or three bars open – on  is an exterior bar on the upper deck of the ship. The wind conditions are at the present day very relaxed and we leave the harbor of Morro Jable on perfect weather.

In about 30 minutes we are at the height of Punte de Jandia. Suddenly the weather i moving and when we reach Gran Canaria we see more and more dark clouds.

Now the fast ferry from Morro Jable is just in front of the harbor in Las Palmas ready to  pass. On the right sight I see a cruise that is so not in a hurry. The “meeting” of these two so completely different ships let me take a beautiful photo.

After a total of nearly three hours, we are are now in the port of Las Palmas,. There is also the “Stena Drill Max”, one oft  three drillships, which can drill in up to 10,000 feet deep water. This makes it one of the most efficient drilling ships in the world. This and more information can be found at wikipedia.

This steel giant doesn´t make me happy, especially since I know that Spain and Morocco go on oil exploration in the Atlantic close to the coasts of the  canarian islands.

Las Palmas itself is not one of my favorite places in Gran Canaria and also the image the city gives from the sea is ugly. Too large. Too ugly. Of course there are some nice parts too  but not easy to find.

Our journey takes us outside Las Palmas to Tafira. “Tafira alta” and “Tafira bajo” – above the capital in the mountains and for a german eye, after a long time on Fuerteventura, with so much “green” to see…wonderfull.

We are here  to spend few days in a hotel rural. If I like it, it will surely appear here on my blog at Gran Canaria. “Vamos a ver”.

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