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Enjoy our holiday home from the first day. Book safe. Be happy.

For many travelers, the holiday begins on the airplane. With a glass of champagne or a glass of wine they already look forward to a great holiday.In any case, the joy is usually great when the plane takes off towards Canarian sunshine and most can not wait to see the hotel, the holiday house or the holiday apartment of their choice. Let´s unpack the suitcase and on the beach!

But sometimes the holidays begins in a chaos: because the accodomation looks nothing, absolutely nothing, as it was described on the internet.

Unfortunately, I´m always be personally reported by travelers, that they were cheaten by dubious providers of apartments and holiday homes. Either the houses were not in the condition as presented online and in the worst case there were very different objects.

For me it´s extremely bad if the most beautiful time of the year – your holiday – begins with a thick disappointment. That should not be, and normally I like to help in such cases. But, quite honestly, I would have much more fun to do it before.

The stories, which has been reported to me, have now given to me a little idea. I am honest – it is a business idea, a small and modest one, which should also help to finance my project www.canariasol.de that I still is quite an expensive hobby.

The idea: Because I’m still very often in Fuerteventura, I offer you to be check your holiday accomodation before you will book it online. Once only from the outside in order to prove the situation and, if you have discussed it with the owner, I would visit it too from the inside.

Then you would receive a personal report of me, the way I see the property and whether this corresponds to the presentation on the Internet. All this, of course, involves a certain effort and the price for it depends on the special effort.

If you are interested in this service should and if you think that such an investment could be quite valuable, then write me an email. I´m personally a fan of Wimdu, Airbnb and Co. But clearly – these websites are, unfortunately, an appropriate acquisition tool for providers that are not really reliable.

The vacation rentals that I describe on my side www.canariasol.de you will usually not have such disappointments. Yu will arrive, unpack suitcases and could feel absolutely great.

The holiday houses and apartmentss that I describe on my website ar all of the individual and very serious  programm of www.fuerteventura-privat.de – her you will find the extremely serious, personal and very dedicated mediation service of Marga Ramirez Perez in Fuerteventura;
as well as in Lanzarote. I have direct access to Marga’s booking program and also help her somtimes in her office – therefore I can sent you at any time a confirmation of www.fuerteventura-privat.de.

The good thing about a reservation with Marga is that you always have a contact person on the island – Marga herself ore somebody of the team will take care of your concerns. If something is not as it should be, then you call her and usually little issues are solved promptly and  major problems are solved as soon as possible.

And of course, I’m always there as an additional contact for you.

Most of the holiday accodomtaions from Marga you will find only on her webside and certainly they are always a little bit more expensive than others. But – you provide from a detailed consultation and a safe booking online. In addition, the houses are all the way Marga described it, and I also described it (on my side again from avery personal point of view).

How and whatever you’re doing. I wish you definitely a great holiday on the Canarian Islands, which, hopefully, from the first day of arrival keeps what you have imagined before. I wish you all definitely a great time on your prefered island.

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