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Fuerteventura south: Walk along the sea-beach for houres.

Walk along the sea-beach in fuerteventura.

It´s always nice to follow the sea. At the beach too. Every year I like do this three-to four-hour walk along the sea-beach in fuerteventura. A very nice walk along a number of beautiful beaches in the south of fuerteventura – from super wide beaches to wide beaches and small coves.

You can start in Morro Jable. But this time I started right at Faro, the lighthouse in Jandia.  I recommend you this with less headwind. You should also take enough water with you.

Until Aldiana it´s about 30-40 minutes. Here you have to pass a few little rocks – depending on high or low tide along the sandy beach ore over the rocks.  Only for a few meters. At low tide, it´s no problem. Directly behind the cliff, the beach is again slightly wider and takes me about an hour to Esquinzo Playa.

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Here you will find one of my favorite Chinringuitos. But, the owner has changed and actually I don´t know if the quality of the food and the friendliness of the staff is the same like it was the last few years. Maybe you can write me your experiences?!

Depending on the season and weather conditions and in response to the tide now yu will find a rocky section or a sandy beach section. It´s strange – but yes – that changes from year to year. Today the section is sandy and so I follow the sand, the sand and the sand again further north. In the “Baracanco del Mal Nombre”  (“The Canyon of the bad name”) there is a an other pretty beach section and nice Chiringuito.

Around the next corner the beautiful sand dunes of Risco del Paso are waiting for me. And if you’re here for the first time, then surely you will have your personal “beach flash”.

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Your eyes  will see a pretty “fat beach atmosphere” in the “De Luxe Range”…sorry about my bad english. But maybe better than nothing…look – the stunning lagoon about 5 kilometers from Playa Blanca. It´s fantastic and at low tide it´s a huge watt. In front of you the turquoise sea and under your feet the fine and almost white sand beach.

In a larger Pril, which has been formed, surf students have there first lessons. On the ocean you can see Kaitboards and colorful windsurfing sails in the wind, jumping over the waves. Sure – here you’ll find one of the best surf schools on the island and a few others. After no less than 3 hours and a bit more, I reached the beach at the height of the Hotel Los Gorriones. A very nice hotel, which was only a few years ago trimmed completely to modern design.

My walk on the beach, however, continue to Costa Calma. In about 45 minutes I reached the beah section of Cost Calma with pretty bays and some cliffs and little beaches that are partially separated from each other. There is also a small Chiringuito located in which I now finally take place. You have definitely an nice view from here. With the meal, I was not terribly happy – but maybe I just ordered the wrong. After an hour’s rest, my path leads to another long part of the Costa Calma beaches, it´s the main beach of Costa Calma. Here the popular hotels are built and some private houses directly at the beach.

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I decided to complete the tour here and to relax and swim in the sea. Then it drove back towards Morro Jable. For me with bus.

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